About Lisa

© 2018 Danielle Tirserio Photography

© 2018 Danielle Tirserio Photography

I am a portrait photographer who specializes in natural light headshots, personal branding, women's beauty portraiture, and online dating profile photos in the Northern Virginia, Washington, D.C., and Maryland area.

My interest in photography was cultivated by two years I spent living in France. I loved traveling on the weekends to capture the scenic landscapes of the French countryside and the architectural wonders of Europe. While I was never at a loss for something fascinating to photograph, I found myself more and more drawn to taking photos of people—because at the end of the day, it was the shared laughs, conversations, and connections that touched me the most.

Not unlike most middle school students, I went through an awkward phase. Some might say mine was more awkward than others. As I grew up, it took me a while not to see myself as that dorky sixth grader (even though I still have my dorky moments), but instead as confident and beautiful.

Many times when we see someone raise a camera to take our picture, that "sixth grade" insecurity rears its ugly head. My goal is to replace your insecurity, doubt, and exclamations of, "Oh, I'm not photogenic!" with the belief that you can feel comfortable in front of a camera and look great in a photo. When my clients see their final images and tell me I've captured them as how they've always aspired to look, but never thought they could, it makes me love my job even more. 

All you have to do is get yourself to the session. I will guide you through each pose, smile, and minute detail of your portrait experience—always with the goal of capturing the best version of you to help you take your career, love life, or self-confidence to the next level with the best photos you've ever seen of yourself.

Let's start planning your session!

"Lisa made me look like my most beautiful, well-rested friendliest self as if by magic!"

                    - C.Lee, Personal branding client