A Headshot for Love...

Brian found me on Yelp a few weeks ago and when he called to schedule a headshot session, he explained that he was moving to the other side of world because he'd asked a very important question to a girl. He didn't know what she was thinking, but she had responded with a yes. What that really meant was Brian had fallen in love with a girl from Germany, he had asked her to marry him last Valentine's Day, and was now planning a big move "across the pond" at the beginning of the summer.

German job applications require an accompanying photo and having done headshots a few months ago for Britta, a German intern for Volkswagen, I knew exactly what he needed. I told Brian to bring a couple well-fitting suits and three to five of his favorite shirts and we would have him well-prepared to enter the German job market.

Over the course of the hour, I ran Brian through a variety of poses to find the ones that suited him and his job experience as a military contractor best. I even convinced him to let me take some more GQ-esque photos (because fiancées never mind having a stylish photo of their man on their desk!).

Although he'll probably want to go with one of the more reserved photos, I loved his smiling, black and white photo the best—which one is your favorite?